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Gold coins of Constantine IV Pogonatus Byzantine Emperor

July 15 668 through July 10 685

During his reign the Arabs made their first siege of Constantinople that would last for several years and stem the tide of European invasion from the Arabs.  Constantinople lived up to its original usage as being the "gate keeper" of Europe.  His two brothers, Heraclius and Tiberius, co-ruled with him until in 681 Constantine IV deposed them and died at an early age in 685, with his son Justinian II as successor.



W-1    DO-1    Sear-1147  Berk-NA    MIB-1b
W-2    DO-NA   Sear-1147a Berk-NA    MIB-3b
W-3    DO-NA   Sear-1148  Berk-NA    MIB-2b
W-4    DO-2    Sear-1149  Berk-NA    MIB-1a
W-5    DO-3    Sear-1150  Berk-NA    MIB-2b
W-6    DO-4    Sear-1151  Berk-168   MIB-4b
W-7    DO-5    Sear-1152  Berk-NA    MIB-6b
W-8    DO-NA   Sear-1152a Berk-NA    MIB-5b
W-9    DO-6    Sear-1153  Berk-NA    MIB-4c


W-10   DO-NA   Sear-1153a Berk-169   MIB-5c
W-11   DO-8    Sear-1154  Berk-170   MIB-7a
W-12   DO-9    Sear-1155  Berk-171   MIB-8a
W-13   DO-NA   Sear-1155  Berk-NA    MIB-8b
W-14   DO-10   Sear-1156  Berk-NA    MIB-7b
W-15   DO-NA   Sear-1156a Berk-NA    MIB-8a
W-16   DO-12   Sear-1157  Berk-172   MIB-10
W-17   DO-13   Sear-1158  Berk-175   MIB-11



W-18   DO-NA   Sear-NA    Berk-NA    MIB-NA




W-19   DO-41   Sear-1186  Berk-178   MIB-17
W-20   DO-42a  Sear-1187  Berk-NA    MIB-18
W-21   DO-42c  Sear-1187a Berk-NA    MIB-19
W-22   DO-43   Sear-1188  Berk-NA    MIB-20
W-23   DO-NA   Sear-1188  Berk-179   MIB-21
W-24   DO-44   Sear-1189  Berk-180   MIB-22
W-25   DO-NA   Sear-1189  Berk-NA    MIB-23
W-26   DO-NA   Sear-1189  Berk-NA    MIB-24
W-27   DO-48   Sear-1190  Berk-181   MIB-26a
W-28   DO-NA   Sear-1190  Berk-NA    MIB-26b
W-29   DO-NA   Sear-1190  Berk-NA    MIB-27
W-30   DO-NA   Sear-1191  Berk-NA    MIB-28
W-31   DO-49   Sear-1192  Berk-NA    MIB-29



W-32   DO-NA   Sear-1230a Berk-NA    MIB-45



W-33   DO-68   Sear-1215  Berk-NA    MIB-53
W-34   DO-69   Sear-1216  Berk-NA    MIB-55a
W-35   DO-NA   Sear-1216a Berk-NA    MIB-55b
W-36   DO-NA   Sear-1216b Berk-NA    MIB-54
W-37   DO-NA   Sear-1220  Berk-NA    MIB-56
W-38   DO-NA   Sear-1221  Berk-NA    MIB-54
W-39   DO-NA   Sear-1222  Berk-NA    MIB-57



W-40   DO-70a  Sear-1217  Berk-NA    MIB-48
W-41   DO-70b  Sear-1218  Berk-NA    MIB-N48
W-42   DO-NA   Sear-1219  Berk-NA    MIB-46a
W-43   DO-NA   Sear-1219a Berk-NA    MIB-46b
W-44   DO-NA   Sear-1219b Berk-NA    MIB-47



W-45   DO-NA   Sear-1189a Berk-182   MIB-25



W-46   DO-55   Sear-1201  Berk-NA    MIB-30
W-47   DO-56   Sear-1202  Berk-NA    MIB-31
W-48   DO-57   Sear-1203  Berk-NA    MIB-33
W-49   DO-NA   Sear-1203  Berk-NA    MIB-34
W-50   DO-NA   Sear-1203  Berk-NA    MIB-35
W-51   DO-NA   Sear-1203  Berk-NA    MIB-36
W-52   DO-59   Sear-1204  Berk-NA    MIB-37
W-1    DO-NA   Sear-1158a Berk-NA    MIB-12
W-1    DO-7    Sear-1159  Berk-NA    MIB-13
W-2    DO-11   Sear-1160  Berk-NA    MIB-14
W-1    DO-16   Sear-1161  Berk-176   MIB-15b
W-2    DO-NA   Sear-1161  Berk-NA    MIB-15c



W-3    DO-165  Sear-1204a Berk-NA    MIB-38
W-4    DO-NA   Sear-1204b Berk-NA    MIB-39
W-1    DO-17   Sear-1162  Berk-177   MIB-16b


W-2    DO-NA   Sear-1162  Berk-NA    MIB-16c



W-3    DO-72   Sear-1223  Berk-NA    MIB-58
W-4    DO-73   Sear-1224  Berk-NA    MIB-59



W-5    DO-75   Sear-1225  Berk-NA    MIB-51a
W-6    DO-NA   Sear-1225  Berk-NA    MIB-51b
W-7    DO-76   Sear-1226  Berk-NA    MIB-52a
W-8    DO-NA   Sear-1226  Berk-NA    MIB-52b
W-9    DO-NA   Sear-1227  Berk-NA    MIB-52c
W-10   DO-77   Sear-1228  Berk-NA    MIB-49
W-11   DO-78   Sear-1229  Berk-NA    MIB-50



W-12   DO-172c Sear-1205  Berk-NA    MIB-40
W-13   DO-59   Sear-1205a Berk-NA    MIB-41
W-14   DO-NA   Sear-1206  Berk-NA    MIB-42
W-15   DO-NA   Sear-1206  Berk-NA    MIB-43
W-16   DO-NA   Sear-1206a Berk-183   MIB-44
W-1    DO-18   Sear-1163  Berk-NA    MIB-NA