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Gold coins of Justin II and Tiberius II Constantine Byzantine Emperor

September 26 578 through October 5 578

The shortest reign/joint reign in all of Roman/Byzantine history, only 9 days.  It is amazing that there are even any coins produced from this period (or about the period immediately afterward.)  Tiberius II had been making the decisions for the empire for the last four years, and this joint reign was more of a formality of accession than of practical need.  Needless to say the coinage of this period is exceedingly rare.




W-1    DO-1    Sear-417   Berk-NA    MIB-1A

Byzant gold coin
Denomination - Solidus
Minted At - Constantinople
Reference Information - W1, S-417, DOC-1, Berk-NA, MIB-1, R-NA, BMC-NA, BN-NA
Weight in Grams - 4.48g
Diameter - 20.6 mm
Die Axis - 180°
Accepted Striking Period - 578
Officinae - Z
Obverse Image - Crowned busts of Justin II and Tiberius II Constantine facing, both draped and cuirassed, with a cross between them at top
Obverse Legend - DNIVISTINIETCONSTAN, PPAVG in exergue
Reverse Image - Angel of Victory facing holding long staff with Christogram at top, globus with cross
Reverse Legend - VICTORI-AAVGGGZ, CONOB in exergue
Die Quality - Superb, wonderful engraving
Strike - 95% complete
Flan Quality - Fine, 100% centered
Wear - Minimal, if at all
Overall Condition Rating - Near Mint State (XF+)
This Coin's Uniqueness - Small dig to the right of CONOB on reverse, and evidence of die clashing at the top of reverse
Desirability - High
Rarity - Extremely Rare (2 to 5 known), with this piece being accepted as the best example
Provenance - Hunt Sale 1990, Lot 124, Sotheby's Sale 7214, 11/98, Lot 121, Stack's 12/98, Lot 40
2000 Approximate Value (US $) - Whatever someone is willing to pay


Light Weight Solidus - 22 Siliquae


W-1    DO-1    Sear-418   Berk-NA    MIB-2