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Badminton Halfpenny D&H57

Gloucestershire Badminton Halfpenny 1796
A beggar receiving alms / Pair of scales 6½ lb
Edge: Plain
Dalton & Hamer: 57

The rising price of bread and the efforts of the Duke of Beaufort in Parliament to bring it down did not go unnoticed.
On the front side there is a barefoot beggar in rags with a basket in his hand and a vessel hanging from his waist, leaning with one hand on a stick and holding out his other hand in a request with a hat into which someone's hand throws coins, a circular legend reads: "I was hungry and you gave me food” (I was hungry and ye gave me meat). 
This token, the latest in a series of tokens dedicated to the demand for the sale of grain by weight and price reduction, announces the successful completion of this undertaking begun by the Duke of Beaufort.