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Blything Halfpenny D&H19

This series is issued by Sir John Rous (1750 - 1827), commander of the Suffolk Yeomanry cavalry unit. The front side shows a Yeoman at full gallop with a drawn sword. The legend says: "The Loyal Yeomen of Suffolk, the first company" FIRST TROOP In 1792, Sir Thomas Gooch (1745–1826) proposed to the government that more volunteer cavalry be increased throughout the country, and the Suffolk Yeomen Troop was the first of these.

The reverse side depicts the symbol of a cavalry detachment, which is a castle with two towers topped with domes with flying flags; under the lock is the inscription: "Suffolk 1794". This composition is surrounded by a garter with the words: “Freedom. Devotion. Property." (LIBERTY. LOYALTY. PROPERTY.) and topped with a crown. Circle legend: BLYTHING HUNDRED HALFPENNY.

Edge inscription: "God save the King and the Constitution" (GOD SAVE THE KING AND CONSTITUTION - XX -)

Engraver Hancock, maker Kempson. Released about 5 cwts (1 cwts = 100 lb = 45.359237 kg).

The release of these tokens is more like military medals than commercial coins, because. despite the inscription HALFPENNY, there is no indication of the place where the token is accepted for payment. Most likely, tokens could serve both purposes.