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Bungay Halfpenny D&H21

The front side of the token depicts a statue of Justice with a sword in his right hand and scales in his left, mounted on a pedestal between crossed laurel and palm branches; the legend reads FOR THE USE OF TRADE.

On the reverse, a cuffed hand holds a scroll inscribed with the inscription: WE PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND ONE HALFPENNY.

Lead lettering reads: S. PRENTICE S. DELF M. ABEL

This token was used in their monetary circulation by three freeholder merchants in the city of Bangay, Suffolk County: Samuel Prentice, a grocer and candle merchant; tinker Samuel Delph; grocer and manufactory merchant Matthias Abel. 

Engraver Arnold, maker Lutwyche, produced about 5 cwts (1 cwts = 100 lb = 45.359237 kg).