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France in Fire Halfpenny D&H1016f

Political and Social Series

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Middlesex Political and Social Series Halfpenny D&H1016f

The obverse shows a conceptual map of France, in the center of which is depicted a trampled HONOR, an inverted THRONE, a carved GLORY, a shattered RELIGION, torn to pieces and bleeding FRANCE, a fire burns in every corner, and the whole composition is surrounded by daggers.

Surrounded by an oak wreath symbolizing the British Navy, the Star of Bethlehem shines in the center of the reverse side, and the moral legend says: "May Great Britain ever remain the reverse" - a play on words opposed to the image on the obverse. Engraver William Mainwaring depicted a complex metaphorical composition, which was subsequently used repeatedly in the production of other issues. This popularity can be explained by the fears of the inhabitants of England, the foundation of which was the news from France, where the Revolution had reached its bloody climax.

Edge: Smooth, not ringed
Dalton & Hamer: 1016f