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Goudhurst Halfpenny D&H28a

The obverse depicts the rising silver horse from the coat of arms of Kent. 

The reverse side depicts the coat of arms of the city of Canterbury (a shield divided into two parts: at the bottom - three Cornish flakes on silver, at the top - a walking golden lion with a raised right paw on red), crowned with a pattern and a circular legend: "For the benefit of all" ( FOR GENERAL CONVENTION).
Edge inscription: "PAYABLE BY W. FUGGLES GOUDHURST + + + + +". There are rare variants of the erroneous spelling of the surname - "FRIGGLES", most of which have traces of attempts to erase "RI". In any case, there is an unnecessary letter “S” at the end of the surname, and, apparently, the customer has come to terms with this.
Engraver - Arnold, manufacturer - Latvich.
The token customer, freeholder William Fuggle, was an oil and candle merchant in Goudhurst.
There is a separate issue of tokens (D&H29) with the same front and back, but with a different edge inscription, in which the issuer is freeholder William Myns, owner of a store in Goudhurst, located near Cranbrook in Marden County, which was an administrative unit of Lathe of Scray.
Some examples of Fuggle have an "F" overstamped, while Mines's have an "M". Apparently, this was done to facilitate the identification of almost identical tokens.