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Surrey Lambeth Halfpenny D&H11 "MAYOR OF GARRAT GEORGE COOK"

The obverse depicts George Cook smoking a pipe with a mug of beer in his right hand and a keg in his left. Circular inscription: “AUG T .24.96 S R . GEORGE COOK. MAYOR. OF. GARRAT. ELEC D.

Surrey Lambeth Halfpenny D&H11. Image © Dix Noonan Webb

The reverse side shows a bunch of turnips at the top, a head of cabbage at the bottom, and bunches of radishes on the sides. Inscription in seven lines: “S R . G.COOK. FRUITERER. GREEN GROCER & OYSTER MERCHANT STANGATE LAMBETH.”

George Cook was a fruit, herb and oyster merchant in Stan Gate, Lambeth. In 1796, he took part in the amusing election of the mayor of Garratt, but lost to Harry Dimsdale.