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Ipswich Halfpenny D&H34

The front side shows the coat of arms of the city of Ipswich: a shield divided in half, on the left side a rising golden lion on a red background, on the right side three back parts of a keelector on an azure background. Above the shield is a helmet crowned with a golden lion holding in its front paws a three-masted sailboat with retracted sails and flying flags on each mast. The shield is held on both sides by silver seahorses with a golden mane. Below is a ribbon with the motto: "King, Lords and People" (King Lords & Commons).

On the reverse side, in the foreground, a plowman with a plow drawn by two horses is depicted, and in the background, a three-masted sailboat going up the Orwell River; the whole composition is between two crossed oak branches. The circular legend reads: "God save the ploughman and the sailor" (GOD PRESERVE THE PLOUGH AND SAIL). Robert Manning was the owner of a sailing ship called Defiance and was engaged in maritime trade between London and Ipswich; while the issuer of the token lived in Comhill, and his occupation was the inspection of windows in Ipswich, in order to levy a tax (an obsolete tax on windows, which was later replaced by a tax on real estate). Apparently they were father and son.

Leading inscription: "Accepted for payment at Robert Manning, Ipswich" (PAYABLE AT ROBERT MANNINGS IPSWICH -XX-).

Wyon token engraver, manufacturer Kempson, 5 cwts in total (1 cwts = 100 lb = 45.359237 kg).