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Spence's Lion Halfpenny D&H685c

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Middlesex Spence's Halfpenny D&H685c

On the obverse, the engraver James depicted a bust of Thomas Spence, who ordered the production of this token, to commemorate his imprisonment for sedition in 1794. Spence, being a fierce revolutionary, developed a plan for land reform, was the author of many publications and articles, and also very actively used the opportunity for propaganda on tokens, as on objects that are passed from hand to hand by people and are an excellent means for applying political slogans to them. and images.

The reverse side depicts a lion with its tail between its legs, running away from the crow of a rooster perched on top of a dunghill. The circle legend reads: "Let Tyrants Tremble at the crow of Liberty".

The lion, representing the government of England, is disturbed by the crow of the Gallic rooster, which is an allegorical image of France. This composition refers to the French Revolution and its possible impact on England.

Dalton & Hamer 685c