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Origami $ Heart-and-Arrow making guide

Copyright 1999 Stephen Hecht. All Rights Reserved A dollar bill makes a model 30 mm x 45mm. For your first attempt, begin with a 3x7 rectangle larger than a dollar bill.

Mountain the top and bottom eighths behind.

11. Swing over the long flap, while pulling up the triangle shown.

12. Swing flap back on existing crease, while flipping down the top eighth and squashing a tiny diagonal.


14. Crease.

13. Swing back. Both sides of model will then look similar.

15. Pleat and sink on existing creases.

I##-## I

16. Undo last step. Turn over and repeat 14-16.

17. Crease top flap. Repeat behind.

18 . Reverse-fold on existing crease. Turn over.

25. Repeat 20-24 behind.

39. Rotate.

38. (Not all edges shown.) Swing over.

42. Repeat 37-40, treating the double-thickness as one layer. Turn back over (top-to-bottom).

43. Tuck in the loose triangle.

44. Reverse-fold protruding edges as if they were a single

45. Pull out paper and swivel down the front edge. The X-ray line is a horizontal valleyfold that becomes a vertical mountain-fold flush with the right edge of the model.

46. Swing the middle triangle down and behind, dragging the upper triangle.

47. Tuck the loose triangle into the second pocket (between pleats, not into the sink). Tail complete. Turn over side-to-side.

48. Head of the arrow.

50. Pull out corner.

Pleats are symmetric.

Reverse-fold first 2 corners.

54. Repeat 49-50.

55. Swing rear half of large triangle to front.

56. Tuck new flap into pocket behind. Front edges of arrowhead are now both closed.

57. Squash. Turn over top-to-bottom and repeat on the other side.

tweezers help

Arrowhead complete.


62. Back to a front view. Reverse-fold nested corner down.

There are unfortunately 2 separate points at the bottom of the heart, but this does help the model stand up a little better. And though I regret the two-tone harlequin-esque finish, it’s not as glaring with a real dollar bill as in these diagrams. (I regard these shortcomings as the price of achieving my self-imposed goal: the arrow shaft emerges from under the planes of the heart.)


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing