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Origami Bird of Paradise making guide

In this step, only the top layer is folded. Bring the lower edges to the middle.

Mountain fold each of the corners under as shown, at the mid-point between A and B and parallel to line B and C.

Imagine BCD as an isosceles triangle.

Valley fold as illustrated and crease well.

Fold down and crease well ...

Reverse fold again along creases made in Step 8.

Fold and unfold, creasing firmly ...

... then valley fold to the crease made in Step 12.


Fold over ...



... and over.

Repeat Steps 12 to 15 on the other side.

Outside reverse fold on the left ...       ... and then the right, at the

angle as illustrated.

Fold up the top and back pieces as shown.


Mountain fold the corner on the left, repeating behind. Reverse fold on the right ...


... and reverse fold again.

Steps 22 to 24 are close ups of the head.

Outside reverse at the top while crimp folding below ...



... like this.

Make two consecutive reverse fold to form the beak ...

Sitting pretty!

... then crimp fold here to finish.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing