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Origami Dollar Bill Animal making guide

Model Created and Diagrammed by A. Anselmo 12/93

1) Prelimary base at top of bill, fold lengthwise as well.


3) Take one flap from base and fold upwards.

4) Fold downwards.

5) Unfold steps 3 and 4, and squash the fold to get...

7) Bring the tip at A upwards, as in the bird base.

8) You will get this. Fold the top half of this structure down.

9) After step 8, you should have this.

10) Repeat steps 3-9 on the other side.

paper to the center. model up.

14) Valley fold along the middle.

15) The basic model. You can make fore legs and hind legs by the simple folds, as shown.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing