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Origami Butterfly making guide

by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)

& 1990

l.Thlswi oethecobr of the body Fok! han

2 This will be the color of the wings Fold corners and remove fold from step 1.

asymmetrical sq-ash fold

Repeat steps 6-8 cn me other side

9. Squash fob the center nap

10 Petal fee flap downward.



19 Ope'- out one side

20 View from 19 Collapse by inserting valley tolas between the existing creases, working trom the msde towards the outside. Note: this is Aaron Einbond s favorite step

24. Squash fold one of the sees

28. Reverse fold Repeat on the other side

VrOuntan told the just pulled layer around as many layers as possible

31 Carefully pull out the lop layer from each side. Repeat on the other side

Open out the top to a preliminary fold

13. pull tho center

34. Precrease first.

Open oul the front and turn over

portion up, and flatten the model by swinging the wings lo the back

56 Valley fold bottom corners Fold the bottom up while swinging the baa down Precrease top as indicated.

37 Insert additional

precreases by forming a series of reverse «olds and opening them up

38 Change led from step 36 to a mountain fold, anc insert valley folds m between the existing mountian folds working towards the outside These are all essentially reverse folds

39 Medel Rotated:

Fold the center teg down as indicated Crimp the thickness on the wing Repeal an steps behind.

the pocket beneath it. Reverse fold the other legs down The layers w.n not be distributed evenly Squash where indicated on the wing. Repeal all steps behind

41 Tuck in the top layers olthe cuter legs into ther respective pcckets underneath Unfod the triangular flap on the wing Note how its lip touches the creases from the previous squash Repeat all

lows behind


t upwards, behind

44 Swivel up this layer so that its raw edge is parallel to tne lower raw edge at the wing Repeat behind

42 Form the dng valley fold on the top single layer only. This will cause tne model to be 3 D Flatten the antenna by crimping

43. Flatten the top ct the w\rgs by pressing the tcp Hat <1 an upward direction. This will add length to the critrp Irom the provcus step Repeat behind

45 Fold the edge of the wng to the raw edge; this wil result in a rabbit ear. The head covers up pan of the tad. lock behind the wings to seo wnat you are doing Repeat behind.

46 Thin the antennae us<X) reverse folds. Cutside-reverse fold the head. Pull the wing sections apart from where rd cared by the circle. Repeat behind.

47 valley io«d where indicated on the wings Repeal behind Pun o.,t a single layer ol paps' from the txt ad You will have to open the head io

48 Double rabbilear ihe head and curt the lop. Crimp the bead into the body Shorten the tail Close and sink the Hap folded in step 47. Repeat behind


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