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Origami Caterpillar making guide

Maarten van Gelder

© 1984 Dec

Use a strip of paper 8x1 (24 x 3 inch or 20 x 2.5 inch will do), both sides same color. Shorter than 8 x 1 is possible, but not as nice.

You may first try with a strip of 3 x 1. The diagrams are drawn as if folded of a 3 x 1 strip. Only the finished model is drawn as if folded from a 8 x 1 strip.



9 Unfold front flap. See 10, 11 and also finished model for position of points P, Q, R and S

12 Only upper flap; don’t push flat Point S swivels automatically

14 Outside reverse fold

13 Fold the flaps back to diagram 10 and repeat 11-13 on the right side

19 Repeat 13 and 14


22 Fold head down Reverse fold in ’nose’


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing