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Origami Crys Rose making guide

From a picture in Paul Jackson’s Encyclopaedia of Papercraft and Origami Techniques

___Valley fold

_____ Mountain fold

Above is a single rose. It’s the same idea as Kawasaki’s rose published in Origami for the Connoisseur but rotated by 45 degrees. I haven’t worked out a way of locking the repeated design; there are several ways of locking a single rose. It’s much easier to continue the mountain folds across the entire width of the paper. The picture on the right shows (if it’s not already obvious) how to fit roses together.

I’ve not seen instructions for the Crystalized roses anywhere; Kawasaki may well have a better way of making it. All criticisms of this diagram should be addressed at me, not him!

 Bruce Stephens


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing