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Origami $ Tip Basket making guide

by Kalei Anne Lundberg copyright 1991

I developed this back in the good old days when a dollar and some change was a pretty good tip for a cup of coffee and a piece of pastry. Smile. The model is presented for personal use. For any other applications please contact me at ... thanks.

3. Valley fold the raw edges to meet at the center line opening and squash folding the corners.

4. Note that the squash fold will not line up exactly with the upper edge. Repeat step three on the other side and turn upright.

5. Mountain fold the edges under. The idea is to reduce the width of the handle by about one third. These creases fold all the way down into the corners of the pockets formed by the accordion pleat. Repeat behind.

6. Because step 5 is a judgment fold one side of the handle will be larger than the other. Unfold the larger side and valley fold the top edge down. Mountain fold the still folded edge behind. These folds will lie about on the line of the border of the bill. Open up the basket and square off the bottom.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing