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Origami Volney’s Elephant making guide

By Perry Bailey Copyright 1972 + 1997

based on the traditional bird base.

4. pull up on theback flap and down on the front flap, this will make a varient of

the stretched bird base.

the center of the model folds to one side as shown.

11. Reverse fold up inside the flap to about where the three crease lines come together, point A on the diagram. Repeat on other side.

13. Reverse fold the flap up to the ' belly of the beast. Then closed sink the back part of the hind legs in to the model.

15. This allows us to thin down the front legs so that they match up better with the back legs. While keeping the back legs on the top layer.

made in folding up the legs. Note when you do this you will also have to make 2 more minor folds not shown as they are under the rear flap, so lift the rear flap up out of your way. To see these folds look at the next diagram.

17. Reverse fold the top of the head inwards, then pleat the head back to form the ears then pleat the trunk upwards three times.

18. This is the final step, reverse fold the tip of the trunk in.

The finished elephant!

I like making him out of foil best, but any paper will do!


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing