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Origami Flapping Bird making guide

mountain fold (the fold will make a "mountain") valley fold (the fold will make a "valley")

This model is found independently by different people.

1) Fold along these lines, white side up.

2) You should get this.

3) Take the top flap, and fold upwards.

4) Note how the fold proceeds...

5) and becomes this. Turn the model over.

6) Now, flip the flap on the right to the left.

7) This will look the same.

8) Fold the top flap to the right, as in 3)-5).

9) Again, this is how the fold will go...

10) and this is how the model will appear now.

11) Set the location of the neck,

12) and using this as a guide, make an outside reverse fold.

13) Now mark the head,

14) and perform an outside reverse fold on the head.

15) The model

is complete.

How to make an outside reverse fold:

To make the bird flap its wings, hold at the points indicated and pull in the direction of the arrows. Don’t pull too hard!

Diagrammed by

A. Anselmo 4/93.

Given a folded tip,

Now, reopen the fold just made.

crease along a line with both a mountain and valley fold,

Fold the tip backwards, making valley folds on both sides of the paper. You will have to open the folded tip a little.

resulting in this.

The completed fold.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing