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Origami Flower making guide

A dollar bill produces a model 100mm long with a bloom of 40mm diameter. The bloom is adapted from Herman Lau’s Flower-in-a-Pot. That bloom can also be used here, resulting in a shorter stem and a smaller bloom diameter (but with 8 petals, not 6).

1. Valley-crease at quarters. Turn over.

only at C.

4. Valley-fold and unfold halfway to C. Turn over.

6. Swing up on existing crease.

Repeat on left.

Alternate method, using Lau’s 8-petalled flower: 1. Crease at quarters.

19. Crease forwards and backwards. Make the longer fold first, then use it to help locate the shorter.

20 Add more creases. 21. Crease angleTurn over                bisector, to center-line.

.                Repeat on right.

24. Lift one flap.

29. Closed sink

28. Spread pleats, reform creases from upper layer on 18-20, Elias-stretching.                    angle-bisector.

30. Roll and tuck inside sink. Swing flap down.

31. Closed-sink. Not quite an angle-bisector.


32. Mountain a single ply, flush with sink. Swing flap back up.

33. Outside reverse fold the leaf (valley is single-ply, mountain on dotted line). At the same time, mountain the stem in quarters, forming a tube. Where leaf joins stem, form tiny gussets to avoid tearing.

Tuck loose paper at tip of leaf inside, behind the sink from step 31. Curve and shape leaf.

Rabbit ear stem where it joins the bloom.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing