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Origami Fluffy making guide

by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)



An 18" square makes a model 6" high

46.Swing one flap over.

49.Swing over.

53.Turn over.

58.Swing down.

59.Closed sink.

61.Reverse fold.

60.Note flap for stand. Turn over.

62.Squash points.

63.Wrap a single layer around to color change.

66.Fold side layers of nose back in.

64.Spread out tip of nose.

65.Valley up tip.

71.Completed head.

70.More shaping.

72.Squash arm.

73.Swing down while spreading 74.Valley over.

out layers.

75.Valley edges in (bottom one


76.Mountain tip.

79.Pull out layers from sides to make leg 3-D.

81.Completed leg. Repeat steps 78-80 on other leg. Stretch

80.Wrap corner over.

the stand (see step 60) down. Stretch legs forward and round model to taste.

82.Completed Fluffy

© 1994 Marc Kirschenbaum


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing