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Origami Humming Bird making guide

Reverse fold the 2 side points down to refrom a bird base shape with different internal layering

Valley fold the point back down to form the bird base Repeat behind

Hold the front flap by the X and repeat behind.

Pull the flaps away from each other stretching out the central triangle. This forms what is called the stretched bird base.

Petal fold

Repeat behind

Stretch the paper out to fill in the dotted lined area and widen the triangle on top.This moves the point on the right slightly off center

Repeat behind

Skip this step if you like.

Valley fold down at a 90 degree angle

Valley fold the point back down

Pull out the outside layer and flatten it down

Swing the point over and squash down

Outside reverse fold the point

Reverse fold one point up.

Valley fold one layer over

Unfold and repeat step 11 in the other direction

Valley fold the point up.

Fold the paper up while spreading it

Reverse fold the triangle up

Flatten the tail out into a squre shape

Rabbit ear to form a foot Repeat behind

This is the tail turned to the side Round off the tail with mountain folds

Valley fold the flap down

Valley fold the triangle over

Pull out the paper on this side

Reverse fold

Repeat behind


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing