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Origami Pumpkin Face making guide

Sy Chen

(3) Top corner A to B;

(1) Use orange/non-orange duo-color square. Start with orange side down. Mark center using diagonal folds

(2) Fold side corners to cover center mark; They will overlap as shown in the next step. (JF)

mountain fold bottom corner

(6) Push bottom corners and

Swivel E and F between layers to round the pumpkin (JF). Make sure leave some non-orange color out.



(5) V alley fold

(4) Push top corners and Swivel C and D to form the eyes and round the corners (JF); Fold center tip up to form nose (JF); Valley fold bottom edge to meet Point B and bring triangular flap behind to front.

(7) Valley and mountain judgment fold

(8) Tuck all 3 teeth into mouth and shape the center tooth by swivel folds

(9) The finished Pumpkin Face

* JF - Judgment Fold

© 1996 Sy Chen


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