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Origami Sea turtle making guide

Begin the sink fold

Squash fold

Repeat behind

kite fold to the center

Similar to reverse folds

Like this

T urn the model over

Valley fold to the center and unfold

Valley fold

Valley fold and unfold

back to step 2

Valley fold and unfold

Water bomb base

Undo the squash fold on this side

Valley fold and unfold

Valley fold and unfold


T wo valley folds parallel to the center line

T urn over


Pull the first 3 layers down to completly stretch out the

Spread out the head by pulling the

v aiiey I uiu                                                   m aKe a squasn fold on

each side while thinning the tail

Make 2 valley folds                   , „ anP maKe                   to lock the shell

through all layers hiding the thick paper inside

2 reverse folds and 2 mountain folds

Round off the shell with 2 mountain folds

Round off the tip of the head


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing