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Origami Rocket Ship making guide

By Perry Bailey ©1973-1999 This model is a derivative of a model by Kunihiko Kasahara

Start with white side up. This model works best with foil paper. Collapse square into a water bomb base.

of step 3.

Fold over one layer in the front and one layer in the back.

Fold the edges in to the center and then unfold them.

Now either sink or reverse fold the flaps in along the lines of the creases made in the previous step. Repeat on all sides of the model.

Fold one flap over both on top and on the bottom.

Now fold in the sides to the center. Repeat on all sides.

Fold one layer over both on top and on bottom

Now just as evenly reverse fold down all 4 flaps to finish the fins.

Now you need to either inflate the model or use a tool to open out the four sides to make the model three dimensional.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing