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Origami Spenjurmunni making guide

Designed by Robert J. Lang

Copyright ©1999. All Rights Reserved.

Any resemblance between this origami design and a character from any irritating-sound-producing videogame, overpriced trading card, or mind-numbing, poorly-animated TV show, is purely coincidental.

3. Fold the bottom point up so that its edge hits the right corner.

4. Fold the horizontal edge down so that it aligns with the folded edge.

5. Fold the edge back up so that it aligns with a folded edge.

10. Fold the two flaps down and flatten the model firmly.


15. Bring the raw edges to the front on both left and right.

17. Fold the flaps out to the sides.

21. Valley-fold the corners.

tail. Pleat the tail like a lightning

23. Turn the model over.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing