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Origami Santa by Steven Casey making guide

Begin with a square white side up.

1. Precrease into

4 x 4 using Valley folds. Scale change.

2. Fold a to b. Pinch. Unfold.

3. Fold a to pinch mark. Unfold.

Scale change.

4. Rotate 90 degrees to the left.

5. Repeat steps on the left side. Rotate to position in step 4.

6. Fold a to b. Creases made in steps 2 to 5 not shown until step 30.

7. Valley top and right edges.

8. Mountain fold behind. Unfold.

9. Open out flaps a and b.

10. Lift c slightly, and allow a to slip under.

11. This shows the fold in progress.

13. Mountain fold. Unfold.

14. Collapse into a waterbomb base.

15 Mountain fold.

16 Swival fold.

18. Sink then valley.

20. Sink bottom corners

17. Valley.

19. Repeat steps other


21. Valley both points up.

22. Pull points outward.

28. Valley top flap to the left.

29. Squash fold.

Scale change

32. Fold corner up to intersection of diagonal and centre crease. Unfold.

34. Sink.

33. Valley corner up to Horizontal crease. Unfold.

35. Valley entire edge to diagonal crease. Scale change.

36. Valley diagonal.

38. Double reverse fold.

41. Valley fold. Unfold.

40. See detail next step.

42. Fold edge "a" across to diagonal crease "b". Unfold.

43. Sink.

44. Combination valley/sink.

45. See detail next step.

47. Valley fold.

46. Pull out trapped layer. Swival fold.

to left.

52. Collapse.

53. This is the result. Turn over.

55. Valley corner "b".


59. See detail.

60. Double reverse fold. Look ahead to next step.

61. Reverse fold.

62. Next step shows a full view.

63. Repeat steps 27 to 62 other side.

64. Reverse fold to form hands.

Crease only where shown. Unfold.

68. Valley fold "c" down in line with "b". Unfold.

69. Valley fold "d" down in line with "b".

70. Valley corner "a" so that it lines up with corner "b"

71. Fold the corner up to the horizontal crease.

72. Fold over and over.

73. Mountain fold.

74. Mountain fold.

75. Valley in half.

76. Starting at point "a" valley the flap down so that edge a - b lies horizontal.

77. Valley over to the right.

78. Fold corner up in line with point "a". Unfold.

79. Fold corner up to Diagonal crease.

80. Valley top flap over to the left.

81. Valley edge up to the coloured edge.

82. Note there will be some paper creep, resulting in a small strip of white edge. Valley the corner down to form a tassle.

83. Valley onto left side of face.

84. Valley lower part of hat to reveal the tassel.


Download PDF file with this instructions for printing