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Goleniów - Gollnow ceramic porcelain notgelds coins tokens

The coat of arms of the city and commune of Goleniów shows two yellow crescents with their backs turned to each other and four white stars on a dark blue background. According to legend, they represent the mirror image of the moon and two stars that Prince Barnim I saw in the water in the place where he was to found Goleniów.
The former arms of Goleniów were related to its sailing and trading traditions and referred to its location in the Goleniów Forest and its affiliation to Pomerania. It depicted the Ina River, along which a boat was sailing, with an oak tree growing out of it, with a red griffin, the symbol of Pomerania, sitting on it.

Official replacement coins

State porcelain - Manufactory Meissen

50 Pfennig 1921

 19,0 brown porcelain. Plaster mold
Scheuch 124a, Ringleb 11.1.1, Menzel 5022.1,

50 Pfennig 1921

 20,0 brown porcelain.
Circulation 14.000 pieces (Scheuch), 69.200 pieces (Suchanek)
Scheuch 125a, Menzel 5022.2, Franke 73.1, Suchanek Kurpiewski Z-76

Variant I - above 50- 12 rays - Ringleb 11.3.1, 2.1b variant II- 14 rays - Ringleb 11.4.1

Variant dark brown with 12 rays and 2.2b with 14 rays

TM/2009/80EUR, eBay/2019/95EUR

1 Mark 1921

 23,0 brown porcelain. Plaster mold
Scheuch 126a, Ringleb 11.2.1, Menzel 5022.3,

1 Mark 1921

 21,0 white porcelain. Plaster mold
Existence uncertain
Scheuch 126n, Ringleb 11.2.2, Menzel 5022.4

Allegro 2020/ 109zł, Allegro 2020/81

1 Mark 1921

23,0 brown porcelain
Circulation 25.000 pieces (Scheuch)
Scheuch 127a, Ringleb 11.5.1, Menzel 5022.5, Franke 74.1, Suchanek Kurpiewski Z-77

Variant dimensions and by weight A- 22, 55 weight 2, 3g and B- 24, 25 weight 2, 9g

Color variant - dark brown porcelain

Photo: Leszek Dobrzyński - Pomorski Gabinet Numizmatyczy - Szczecin.
Teutoburg 104/2016/75EURE spad, eBay/2019/56EUR, TM 162/2021/50EUR

1 Mark 1921

21,0 white porcelain
Scheuch 127n, Ringleb 11.5.2