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Hamburg ceramic porcelain notgelds coins tokens

Hamburger Hochbahn was founded on May 27, 1911 as a joint-stock company as a consortium of Siemens & Halske and AEG. From the very beginning, it was a private operator of the newly built railway trestle. The first director was Wilhelm Stein, and the first chairman of the supervisory board was Albert Ballin.
The Meissen Factory received its first order for coins from Hochbahn Aktiengeselschaft, which wanted to replace the previously used cardboard vouchers - tickets. The contract for the supply of coins began in May 1920 after the presentation of designs made from slice stamps. The order was for 300,000 pieces of coins. However, it turned out that the production of red stoneware firing required special attention and the replacement of previously used kilns and work in an additional shift. Out of the planned 100,000 pieces per month before mornization, only 5,000 pieces were produced. pieces. The Reich Ministry commissioned the Reichsbank to evaluate the supplied coins. In general, they were met with harsh criticism:
- too bulky
- too large dimensional discrepancies and inability to count by machine
- shorter shelf life (coin durability)
- allegedly unpleasant sound instead of metallic
Failure to deliver the contracted quantities within the contractual time resulted in the termination of the delivery contract.
Coins produced for Saxony were extremely popular among the population and collectors.
In August 1920, the Manufactory in Meissen also obtained consent from the Reich Treasury to sell coin designs that were not approved by the Ministry of Finance to collectors.

Private replacement coins

Produced: State porcelain - Manufactory Meissen


Hochbahn Hamburg

Photo: Teutoburg 104/2016/170EUR
EMPORIUM/2012/250EUR, Höhn80/2014/230EUR, eBay/2021/203EUR

20 Pfennig without date (1920)

 28,0/28,0 brown porcelain
Circulation unknown, rubber stamp plaster
Scheuch 292a, Menzel 13181.1, Ringleb 32.1.1

Photo: EMPORIUM87/2019/140EUR
EMPORIUM/2012/250EUR, eBay/2021/190EUR

40 Pfennig without date (1920)

 28,0/28,0 brown porcelain
Circulation unknown, rubber stamp plaster
Scheuch 293a, Menzel 13181.2, Ringleb 32.2.1

Photo: EMPORIUM68/2012/150EUR WAG, eBay/2021/102EUR

40 Pfennig without date (1920)

 26,0 brown porcelain
Circulation unknown, rubber stamp plaster
Scheuch 294a, Menzel 13181.3, Ringleb 32.3.1

eBay/2012/10EUR, MaShops/2012/12EUR

40 Pfennig without date (1921)

 27,0 brown porcelain
Circulation 43.500 e.g. (Scheuch)
Scheuch 295a, Menzel 13181.4, Ringleb 32.4.1

Photo: Heidrun Höhn 62 Auction

40 Pfennig without date (1921)

27,0 brown porcelain, silver plated
Scheuch 295i, pattern, Menzel 13181.5, Ringleb 32.4.2


Color Variety:

40 Pfennig without date (1920)

 17,0 milk glass, weight 1, 44g
(no point, stars above B)
EMPORIUM87/2019/start with400EUR
Menzel 13180.2